Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Conservation Supplies!

Today I had a pleasant surprise! My conservation supplies arrived at my door. I had been given a rough estimation of 4 weeks for these items to turn up at my door but had been given no more further warning. I suppose you can tell that I was checking my e-mail and each new arrival of post for any warning. The only unpleasant part of today was the realisation that these beauties cost me nigh on for £200, but it is all worthwhile and can be recouped. It has spurred me and the project onwards that I can finally start making some real difference to the records that I have come care about. I know that does sound a little weird but I want to make the best job I can out of this and having the conservation supplies is another step on the journey.



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  1. Conservation supplies always provide a glow in the heart; something reassuring about getting the right materials to care for our archives.