Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Archive Girl is…

going to be interviewed by Prospects/ACGAS about being an Archivist in a private archive tomorrow. Little did they know that I looked at that exact job description while thinking what to do with myself back in the 3rd year of university. How time flies!!


  1. Update: It went wonderfully and he was such a nice man. I hope we can have more people feel moved to join our small profession!

  2. I'm glad it went well. Helping more people to be aware of archives is good, even if they don't want to enter the profession.

  3. Hello. I just stumbled in. I saw your comment over at Roses'. Hope your appointment went well.

  4. It went well Sarah thanks. I have seen the case study and all it now needs is to be approved by the editor and put up on the website.

    You are right Claire, I think it starts with awareness, I get ahead of myself sometimes. Have just been filling in a friend about what I do.

    Thanks Mago.