Friday, 27 August 2010


I have been busily preparing an advocacy pack to accompany me when I go to see prospective jobs. So far this consists of Frequently Asked Questions section ( this covers the range of questions from what is a record, why archivists are needed and how and why we appraise and then catalogue records) and simplistic cataloguing diagrams. I have tried to keep it short and snappy but still giving information they would hopefully think helpful.

I do intend to tailor sections to help each individual client, as each new job seems to have a different emphasis on what is needed. If anyone else can think of an essential question I am not answering then do let me know :)

Questions on a postcard please!

Many thanks,




  1. I honestly do not know what an archivist is, but I'm guessing it has something to do with archives and archiving.

  2. How about why keeping archives, and therefore archivists, is important?

    Unique; true uninterpreted historical record; relevant to absolutely everybody; basis of our national (and local) identity, establishment and law; memory box; loads more I can't think of right now (too much time working in Pensions)

  3. Thank you Sarah! It will be added in to the pack. I have shown it to a few other archivists and they liked it. But I am not giving away any trade secrets!!

    Archivists acquire, maintain and care for records which have continuing value to individuals, organisations and really everyone!! Hope that helps Fickle Cattle!