Friday, 1 October 2010

Cakes and Notebooks

I am quite glad that I am not out in the wild and woolly weather today. I have recently finished a proposal for a cataloguing project for the second phase of the Rosicrucian Society and applied for a project work just in case it falls through.

It is in this project that I am taking on something really very new and daunting. That is a volunteer and managing her for two weeks. She is of course a very lovely lady who is very willing and excited about learning more about becoming an archivist. I have of course worked out tasks for her to do that I did while I was a volunteer. Any stories people have about volunteers if they would like to share would be helpful. I do want to make it a really good two weeks for her.

Of the title of this piece, I have realised how much I value my notebook while working freelance and how much I rely on it not just for project work but for everything, to do lists and sketches and plans. Do other archivists have their reliable note pad or is it much more technical with a laptop or other wonder? I think it would make rather an interesting exhibition of notebook scribblings of archivists on collections. Maybe that is because I am far too nosey for my own good.

CAKE .. the other part of the title. I am so happy that Nigella is back on t.v for our viewing pleasure and she didn't fail us yesterday evening with a tremendously sickly 'inner thigh wibble' cheesecake. Will these be replicated through the offices of archivists who knows.. it was a bit too much for me but as Nigella said ' Moderation in moderation', plus it is the weekend.



  1. is the link for that cake if you missed it!

  2. I've always found notebooks difficult to catalogue as they can cover so many areas of someone's life and or work, meaning they often don't clearly fit into a isolated section of a collection. Perhaps I take my work home too much by having various categories of notebook for different parts of my life (sewing projects, recipes, etc)! What a geek...

    By the way, I'm about to start blogging on the new IoE library and Archives blog
    so please check soon for some archive based posts.

  3. That's great Jessica, I have put it in my 'Blogs to follow' folder.

    May be it is an archivist geeky habit but it is a very good idea and something to follow. I have a few notepads just for work which I am trying not to pollute with other non related musings and material.