Friday, 5 November 2010

No desk should be without one (Friday afternoon musings)



On this grey, rainy and also surprisingly warm for November day. I thought how often I need notepaper. The V&A must have known as they have come up with an fun and fruity way to write notes. The pear memo pad!



No food near the archives please!


  1. So is that actually a 3D note pad?! How cool! I have so many different notebooks scattered throughout my house, all with notes varying from shopping lists, To Do lists, notes from archive work, films I've seen etc. it's quite nice to revisit old notebooks as well sometimes.
    A love of stationery seems to be a common theme amongst archivists I know!
    Thanks for this - I think you've just sent me to the V&A shop before Christmas as this would make a great wee present!

  2. The V & A do an apple 3D notebook too so if you don't like pears you have some choice. *End of advertisement*

    I am trying to keep away from the V&A shop as I know I will see things I love and 'must' have! But maybe this is a topic for discussion?? Ideal presents for Archivists at Christmas?! With all the cuts and tightening our belts it maybe good to think about something else for a while.