Sunday, 23 October 2011


I have been thinking for a while about taking the plunge and starting the Accreditation Scheme. So much so that I have booked myself along to a workshop. I know it will be good for me as I think it will focus my thoughts on what I do on a day to day basis in my projects and where I am lacking in certain areas of expertise. Ultimately, making me realise that I should do more professional development and not shy away from that whole malarkey!

If people are going through it or have been through it, I would love to hear your experiences and views on the matter. If there are people like me who are starting out on this new adventure too please let me know. A support group of sorts would be welcome!

Archive Girl

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  1. Congratulations on taking the plunge! Excuse my ignorance though, I always get confused with the Accreditation Scheme and the Registration Scheme? Are they different things? Is accreditation more for Archives than individuals? I'm going on the Registration Scheme workshop in November in London so if that's what you're doing I'll see you there!