Saturday, 31 October 2009

OOOooo Halloween!

So it is today! All Hallows Eve where all the ghouls and spirits rise for just one night. But isn’t it just a way of having a celebration to remember those past? Okay so maybe now it has become commercialised and it is essentially American in origin. Yet many other countries have strong ancestral themed cultures. Take for instance the Mexican Day of the Dead (DoD). This is a day of celebration and fun where Mexicans remember the dead. This could be family members that died recently or even older ancestors. DoD is on Nov 1st which is ooh spookily close to All Hallows! DoD is being celebrated at the BM (British Museum) this Sunday. It is day packed full of activities for children. Please click the link for more information.

Ancestor worship is practiced all over the world and it is an extremely old custom that seems imbedded in human nature. Nearly every country has some way or practice of remembering those before us. I have just highlighted one such other culture. It seems that before we had such easy ways of holding onto mementoes of ones we loved, or being able to archive our memories and rent space out to store things we may never need. It was an important day. And for this it is a much better festival than one has been led to believe. Just remember you don’t have to go in for all the trick or treating!

On the other hand if this blog post has not filled you full of horror please do click on the link to Ghost Sightings UK … eeek real stories!!


  1. Thanks for popping by on my blog today. Given your interests you might want to check out one of my regular commentors, Mago. You might enjoy his blog as well.

    By the way, I really liked this post.

  2. Thanks and no problem. Although I just seemed to vent at you about something close to my heart. I am sorry about that.