Thursday, 29 October 2009

A day in the life of a Freelance Archivist

Hit the alarm on my phone. Think to myself, is it really (Monday/ Thursday)?. Wash, dress and check the television for unseasonable weather and whether there are any delays on the Overground ( they never say anyway even if there is!)

Dash out thinking I am going to be late , find myself early but overheating at the train station. Sit and snooze on the first train and then change preparing myself for the second train squeeze. Always a delight :S

Let myself into where I am working and start my day. Currently I am lucky enough to be working on an artist’s collection. My mission for today is to clear the table on the first floor and continue to take photos of the clearing and boxing for my portfolio.  The morning seems to fly away with me listing photographs and caring for the newspaper clippings that are very fragile.

After lunch I finished with the photographs and began cleaning. Good old dustpan and brush. With the light fading I did need to get on with moving the large (A1) printed paper sheets from the ground floor (on the floor) to the table on the first floor. This proved a little tricky at time manoeuvring around on the stairs in order not to hit anything! Why does it always seem much easier in your head?!  I did plan ahead but there were several different sized paper inserted in between that made it more difficult than I was anticipating. After a couple of hairy moments I managed to get all the paper upstairs and unharmed. I have to say they looked much happier and now will not be inadvertently ripped or trodden on. Then it was back to cleaning and making sure everything was spic and span before going back home.


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