Thursday, 25 March 2010

Perfect Packages ... and other things besides

Hello Hello,

Well it is a while I put up any photos and a long while since they have been relevant to archives so here goes.

Look at these beauties :) It always makes me so happy to see records at this stage.
All crafted by my fair hand. It takes a while but the results always speak for themselves.

Some repair work

A detail shot of repair work... I haven't finished on this but I had to leave when the clock struck 5

Yukky corner! Yes that is the official term :)

Ahh... A slightly better corner


  1. What lovely handiwork. I think linen tape is the most wonderful underrated stuff and having a large roll on my desk at all times is perhaps what I miss most about archives.

  2. Thanks Sarah :)

    There is something very comforting about having a large roll of linen tape on your desk. Mines starting to get a bit too slim for my liking and funnily enough I am starting to panic. I bet in no time you will be back in the archive world permanently.. I have had to take on a number of strange jobs to make things meet.