Sunday, 9 May 2010

Turner Prize: Nominee using archive material


A little more cross over between Archives and Artists has been shown by one the Turner Prize nominee for 2010.

‘The Otolith Group "investigate overlooked histories" using archival material.’ BBC journalists It states on their (Otolith Group) website that they use media archive amongst other things and that their work explores, sound, moving image and text. They have been curators to several major exhibitions the latest being work of Harun Farocki in London in 2009

I wonder if any archive or the archive profession taking any notice of this work?? Or noting it briefly as additional information in their collections, if these artists happen to stray onto something within a collection? Obviously it leans more to the museum side of events but surely has some relevance to us to as archivists??

It is good to see archives being prominently displayed in the public eye.

For more information please go to The Otolith Group

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