Sunday, 16 May 2010

While I write up my notes


While I type up my notes I thought I would share this as I found it a few days ago. It is a shame that it doesn't exist in packet form! The end to respiratory problems us archivists and others are faced with if you haven't got a sparkling new repository. Masks are of course another option :) (Free Association, 1, 2006)
Going on The Radical Jewish East End Walk today. Hope it will be fun!

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  1. A lovely way to start the week. The Radical Jewish East End was just over 2 hours and full of very interesting facts. I felt quite ashamed for not looking up, down and around enough. Everywhere there is a sign or a building of some significance. I have been a Londoner all my life, somehow the east end never came into my 'stomping ground' and had been ignored now I can say I have at least started that journey into knowing the people and history a little better.