Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Patience is a virtue

Hello all,

The silence on the blog is due to working for the Rosicrucians. It was a great 6 weeks working for the society.

I worked flat out and then went to Switzerland for 5 days. Hence the picture of the beautiful mountains and scenery :)

I continually find myself with each new job learning more and more about the business of being self employed. I always hoped that I was being professional but I am learning more in these past weeks than I think I ever have done before. I do thank the Archives profession for a caring and mentoring attitude towards the 'young' ones coming up as newly qualified archivists. It will be good when I am a bit further on to be able to help the next generation coming up!

I have now no big projects to do, so am taking some time to get everything in order (am an archivist even on my days off!) as my attention has been elsewhere. This means I get to spend some time on my neglected blog. Such a fickle writer so far.

But generally I am trying to be patient and positive - as I think you can only be in these times and hopes that something comes through soon!

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