Tuesday, 22 June 2010

On the path to order and openess

I feel this picture sums up how I feel today, reflective and tired. I am doing my best at working out a framework for a detailed box list that will make most sense to the society. When starting on this cataloguing journey, do other people spend time scratching their heads as to where things should go? Or is that just me? Most of it, to my surprise, floated onto the page and has stayed in a sensible order. Who would believe it...
I have moved on from the artist and am now based up in Hampstead for a period of 3 weeks. This is another reason for the total lack keeping up to date on my blog but thank goodness for continuous work!


  1. Is it too rude, or just plain nosy, to ask who the artist is whose work you were cataloguing?! Were you cataloguing art works as well as associated materials? Sorry for all the questions, I just find it very interesting, especially in the context of having heard the presentations at the event at Glasgow School of Art (which I've still not written up!). That's great news you've got continuous work - there are definitely mighty fewer job postings around at the moment!

  2. Nope it isn't rude at all :). I worked at Leonard Rosoman's Studio from September to May. They have found more work to do so I may be back this September to sort and arrange the new work before it goes to a proper archive home. Sorry it has taken me an age to get back to you, I have now finished my second job (6 weeks flat out for The Rosicrucians) and now scouting around for more work.